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  What our customers say  

I've been fortunate enough to work with Stuart at several times during my career at the LEGO Group, UBTECH Robotics & Tech Up & Go. Stuart is a passionate educator who infects both students and teachers to learn whether that be using an Ipad, coding or building. He's also one of the most competent presenters I've worked with and would have no hesitation in using him for workshops, key notes speeches or webinars.

Matt Parkes, Lineup Systems

“Over the last few years Toucan Computing  has used a wide variety of Apple Distinguished Educators and trainers and so has become a good judge of quality. Recently Toucan have used the services of Stuart Swann. He has  proved to be a very engaging trainer who has great knowledge of the uses of iPads in the classroom leaving many school staff positively enthused. Our customers have been requesting the return of Stuart!” 
Steve Bonnick, Toucan Computing

“Thanks to Stuart Swann I now have a clear idea of how to develop a new Computing Curriculum for the school. With his vast knowledge and wide experience of the area, Stuart guided me through my action plan development with humour and enthusiasm. I’m looking forward to meeting again soon!” 
Andrew Wicks, Class Teacher & ICT Lead, Nightingale Primary School

I have had the privilege of working with Stuart during my time at LEGO and now CreativeHUT. Stuart is an amazing person to collaborate with and "hands down" one of the best content creators out there. Passionate about inspiring children, teachers and adult learners, Stuart has the rare ability of developing content for beginner level straight up to expert. Talented both in front and behind the camera, Stuart helps develop content that reflects your brand and values. In addition to content development, Stuart is one of the best trainers out there as shown by the brands who often call on his expertise. Purpose driven and carrying high values, i would strongly recommend Stuart to any company looking to enhance their brand reputation and wanting to deliver best in class training and content. A true asset 

Gareth Boldsworth, Creative Hut

“I just wanted to say I really enjoyed our training today and learnt new things as we all did. I must also say I've never had so much fun and laughed so much at a staff meeting! I hope we will meet again soon." 
Debbi Spurgin, St Peter's in Thanet School

“This was exactly the training we needed. Over the course of a thoroughly enjoyable and interactive day, Stuart inspired us to see the iPads as a powerful tool for learning that can be used across all areas of the curriculum. It has been a joy to see Yr 1 children producing ibooks about The Great Fire of London! 
Teachers are already asking when the next sessions are going to happen!” 

Christian York, Headteacher, Ealdham Primary School

Stuart is one of the most passionate educators I have ever met. He backs up his boundless enthusiasm and energy with deep subject knowledge. 

When I was a teacher in South East London Stuart was running courses at the Greenwich CLC which I attended and he inspired me so much that the work I did in school following those courses led to the school receiving awards for the use of technology across the curriculum. Stuart's influence was very instrumental there. 

Since I left teaching in the classroom, and Stuart moving on from the CLC, our paths have crossed many times and I am always left amazed at the scope of his knowledge of both technology for learning and the arts. Stuart is hard working and immerses himself fully as student as well as teacher, always furthering his own experience and expertise. I have attended coding courses and learnt more in ten minutes with Stuart than I have in hours of other learning attempts elsewhere. He inspires and nurtures all at the same time and can always find a solution to any roadblock.

Although it is a cliched expression Stuart is a real "out of the box" thinker, and also turns his vision into practical ideas, workshops, and product ideas which never fail to create an impact.

I have no hesitation in recommending Stuart to anyone, and for pretty much anything as I cannot think of something which he could turn his hand to and not become an instant expert through his dedication and thirst for knowledge. 

Jodie Lopez - The EdTech Ninja

I have known Stuart for a number of years. I have engaged his services to provide computing training to teachers with whom we work. Stuart’s knowledge of computing, especially robotics, is to be admired and respected. His interpersonal skills and training style make Stuart a great fit for a range of assignments. Polite, friendly, punctual, reliable and energetic - Stuart would definitely be in my first eleven if I was picking a team to go into bat for computing and EdTech. He has my unreserved recommendation. 

Dave Smith - Head of Partnerships and Events at BESA - British Educational Suppliers Association

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