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IE Solutions focuses on the impact of digital technologies on learning, teaching and raising achievement

We work with teachers in the UK and beyond to help them implement technology in the classroom so that their students become innovative, confident and responsible learners.


Planning – We work with you to understand your ambitions for teaching and learning and identify how digital technologies and digital resources can help realise these ambitions


Procurement, installation and support – once the appropriate digital technologies to meet your ambitions have been identified, we can manage and support the procurement and installation of your resources and can provide technical support over the long term for your investment


Building capacity – we will support the implementation of your ambitions by working with school staff and pupils through a range of staff development strategies


People – We are, first and foremost, teachers and educators with extensive experience in primary and secondary schools, in Local Authorities and with the private sector


Partners – We work in partnership with world renowned education innovators and reliable, affordable suppliers. These include:


LEGO Education  -  Apple Education  -  Elsium Education  -  Appshed 

Toucan Computing  -  Rising Stars  -  VSL  -  Trilby Training

We will tailor any support to meet your needs. This includes initial planning and visioning through to whole school or targetted CPD, working with your pupils and implementation of technology in learning and teaching.


All consultations and projects take into account the following: 

  • Visioning and Planning

  • Specification

  • Procurement and Installation

  • Building Capacity

  • Ongoing Support

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Computing Curriculum Support

In September 2014, ‘ICT’ became ‘Computing’.

The DfE produced a set of expectations, which can be seen on their website HERE.

We have significant experience in all areas of the new curriculum and have provided help and guidance to many schools seeking to implement the changes. This support has included: strategic plannong with SLT, whole-school staff meetings and INSET, and demonstration lessons.


We can work closely with your lead teachers to develop a new Computing strategy, or help you develop your existing Scheme of Work which will compliment your curriculum and then assist in the implementation of the scheme.


If you would like to enquire about this service, or arrange a meeting (to include demonstrations of mobile apps, software, web tools and hardware which will help you deliver the new Curriculum) please contact us.


Continuing Professional Development


We understand that staff confidence and knowledge is key to your students' achievement.

Our CPD offer is bespoke and flexible, and covers all areas of the Computing Curriculum and beyond. Training can range from a one-off staff meeting, to embedding staff development through medium and long-term support, including one to one conferences and demnstration lessons.

Continuing Professional Development and building capacity in learning and teaching not only ensures that staff are comfortable integrating the technology into their lessons, but that your students are given the very best opportunities for using it.

Remember - it’s not the technology. it’s what you do with it that counts.


Just two Examples of CPD:


Whole or group staff INSET

We are educators, and understand teachers’ needs. The INSET we offer is focussed on curriculum transformation, so your staff will not only become equipped with technical know-how, but leave the sessions with ideas and inspiration for the next day.


Demonstration Lessons and Developing Capacity

Following an INSET, we can plan and carry out a series of visits to ensure impact and that new skills become embedded. We will work alongside your staff, looking at planning and then deliver, or help deliver, sessions to the students. This approach ensures that both staff and students have a positive experience of what may be a completely new way of working.


We will: 

  • Work with you to define and articulate your ambitions for learning and teaching, and identify the right technologies and resources to support your ambitions and curriculum. 

  • Discuss and demonstrate new and emerging technologies, and plan a staff development programme. 

  • Implement the agreed staff training programme and adapt the programme, as required, meeting individual needs. 

  • Provide an evaluation of the programme. 

  • Assist the school to undertake a long term evaluation of the impact of digital technologies on learning and teaching. 

  • Identify next steps. 

Get the Most from Your Apple Products


Apple has created a series of onsite workshops delivered by independent facilitators to help you get the most from your Apple products. These hands-on workshops are tailored to your school’s specific needs. They are designed to enable you to use your Apple products to transform teaching and learning. Stuart Swann is an Apple Education Trainer and Apple Distinguished Educator.


We work in partnership with Apple Solution Experts and deliver training for them to schools all over the UK.

You can download the Apple Professional Development catalogue for schools by clicking HERE.


If you are an ASE and would like to talk to us about your training needs, please get in touch.


Apple Professional Development (APD)


E-Safety Support


E-Safety is a very broad church, and with the advent of the 2014 Computing curriculum, is more prevalent and important than ever before.


The Web is a tremendous place; for finding out, promoting your work, sharing and communicating around the world and as a means of engaging the whole school community in children’s learning.


Young people, their parents and those who teach and support in schools need to be able to exploit the capabilities of the web but be alert to and know how to deal with the dangers and pitfalls.


We can help you review your current practice and assist in developing, writing and implementing your E-Safety policy to make sure your students and all members of your school community are getting the full benefit from the web and are able to work safely and securely.


We will work with your school to ensure that any purchases you wish to make match your vision for the use of technology and the wider curriculum. It is essential in this economic climate that any technology you invest in has a positive impact on the children and their learning. 


A whole school approach to using technology is essential, ensuring the most effective use of any kit. 


We can offer: 

  • Audit of current hardware, software and networking provision

  • Hardware advice and procurement (including obtaining competitive quotes from a range of preferred suppliers)

  • Project management

  • Cabling – data (Fibre and copper) and electrical

  • Wireless network planning, implementation and installation

  • Hardware Installation and deployment of devices

  • Network management

  • Implementing a learning gateway – training and support

  • Advice and support on implementing cashless catering, biometric systems

  • Library and door entry biometrics

  • ICT accommodation and furniture

  • Advice and demonstration on a wide range of new technologies


If you would like to talk to us about procurement and support, please contact us.

Procurement and Technical Support